You can generate revenue with a free course by using the free course as a lead magnet that attracts potential paying students to your website.

The free course should be used in a similar way to what you usually see online with ebooks and downloadable PDFs or reports, as a way to convince the student to subscribe to your email list.

Students come to your website initially attracted by the free course, and they will sign up to your website by creating an account, or by joining the newsletter, or both.

From there, you will be able to create a relationship with them, by making them aware of your brand, and by sending them weekly emails with educational content, including free sample video lessons for your other paying courses.

Eventually, after watching your free course and after getting to know your brand and watching some of the free video lessons, the student will join your paying subscription, or purchase one of your bundles or individual courses.

This could go a lot faster though, as some will watch the free course, and pay for the rest straight away.

Another reason for creating a free course

Another reason is the shareability and virality aspect of a free course. If something is free, people are much more likely to share it on social media, which further fuels the network effect of your brand, allowing you to grow your business faster than if you have no courses for free at all.

How many free courses to create?

But I wouldn’t recommend creating a ton of free courses, one single free course of a couple of hours is more than enough to get you that extra growth.

A free course is maybe the most effective tool that you have available for promoting your premium courses and well worth the effort spent in creating.

There are other tools that you have available at your disposal for how to promote a course though, you can read all about them here - How to promote your online course - complete guide

In summary

A free course is a promotional tool for growing your online course brand and finding new paying students. You want to create just one free course, and offer it everywhere (website, social media) to convince the student to join your mailing list.

Free courses are all about lead generation and social media growth. I think that every online course creator should have one free course, and use it everywhere (social media, website, etc.) to try to get people to sign-up for their mailing list.

I hope this helped, let me know if you have other questions. I would be happy to help further.

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