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Unveiling 10 Strategies to Create a Best-Selling Online Course

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Unveiling 10 Strategies to Create a Best-Selling Online Course

Learn the secrets to creating an online course that sells from an expert in the field. Get started on your journey to success today!

Have you ever wanted to create and launch a best-selling online course?

You know, like one of those courses that generate a steady stream of income with minimal effort? We've all been there! With the right strategies and techniques, you can make yours one.

We all know that creating an online course is no easy task. It takes time, effort, and energy.

But it also takes a lot of knowledge when it comes to crafting and marketing a successful online course. And that’s what this article is about – helping you craft a best-selling online course.

In this post, I'm going to share with you my top 10 secrets for creating a best-selling online course. Whether you're an experienced course instructor or just starting out, you're sure to find something in these tips that can help you succeed.

Through this post, you will learn how to do market research, create compelling learning objectives, design engaging content, build community with your audience, and more.

So let's dive right in!!

Table of contents

What are the secrets to creating a best-selling online course?

You can create a successful online course with these 10 expert-recommended secrets:

  1. Identifying market gaps in your online course strategy
  2. Ensuring your course idea has a high market demand
  3. Making sure you choose the right topic for your course
  4. Making sure you analyze competitive courses in your market niche
  5. Writing content with compelling learning outcomes
  6. Determining the most engaging and effective delivery methods for each lesson
  7. Creating a unique and well-structured course
  8. Setting up an effective pricing model
  9. Creating an effective promotion to market your course
  10. Creating a loyal community around your course

I explained each in detail below.

1. Identify Market Gaps In Your Online Course Strategy

Creating an online course isn't simply a case of throwing all your knowledge and expertise into one big pot.

You need to know what the market currently looks like, and identify where your course can fit in, or help to fill in any gaps.

Start by analyzing the most successful courses available to you. Consider not just what topics they are covering but their delivery method, target audience, duration, and overall effectiveness.

Once you have an understanding of what's already out there, you can start forming an idea of the type of course that could be successful within the market.

Do some additional research to understand who your potential customers are and which areas need more focus.

Also, identifying problems that people are having is key to creating content that will help them solve it. If you're aware of any challenges that no one else is tackling, now is the time to do it!

2. Ensure your course idea has high market demand

Now that you're convinced that your course is worth creating, it's time to make sure it will sell.

The best way to do this is to make sure there's enough demand for your course idea in the market.

After all, your goal is for people to pay for it and spread the word about it so that other people take notice.

Start off by doing a bit of research on what courses are currently out there. Empty out the query bar, type in some keywords related to your field, and see what comes up.

You can also browse through top-rated courses on sites like Udemy or Skillshare, check out reviews, and enroll in some of the top-performing courses yourself.

Look at what topics people are talking about on various online forums or platforms like Quora or Reddit and pick up on trends; this will help you get an idea of what people are looking for when it comes to taking an online course.

Here's a tip: narrow down the topic of your course into something specific and unique as much as possible, this makes your course easier to market and increases its chances of success!

3. Choose the Right Topic for Your Course

When you’re crafting the perfect best-selling online course, one of the most important things to consider is choosing the right topic.

After all, no matter how great your course is it won’t be worth much if it’s not addressing something that people want to learn about!

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right topic for your online course:

  1. Identify a gap in the Market: Researching topics that aren't currently being covered in great detail can help you fill a gap in your course content.
  2. Go With What You Know: Use your knowledge and experience to create an authoritative workshop or course on an area that you know best.
  3. Ask your audience: Ask them on social media or via a survey what topics they might be interested in learning about, or areas where they need extra guidance, their responses can provide insight into the kind of content they'll find useful and engaging!

4. Analyze Competitive Courses in the Market

Creating a best-selling online course requires more than just a great idea. You also need to know what courses are already out there in the market and how they’re performing.

To craft a successful course, analyze competitive courses to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s how you can go about it:

Step 1: Research your competition

It’s important to do your homework when it comes to researching the competitors in your space. Take a look at their websites and read reviews on them, it will give you insights into what they’re offering and what people think of that offering.

Step 2: Check their pricing

It’s also helpful to check out their pricing structure, as this could give you an understanding of the price points for courses in your niche market.

Step 3: Look for the gaps

Finally, take note of the information and features that are missing from existing courses on the market and see if there are any opportunities for creating something new or different that might have better appeal to potential customers.

By conducting thorough research on competitive courses in the market, you’ll be able to identify potential gaps that can help inform your course creation strategy and create something unique that stands out from other offerings.

5. Create compelling learning outcomes

If your goal is to create a best-selling online course, one of the key elements you’ll need is to create compelling learning outcomes.

Learning outcomes provide clarity and direction for your learners, but they also motivate them to complete their courses.

What are learning outcomes?

Learning outcomes are statements that tell your learners what they will be able to do once they finish the course.

They help learners focus on the skills they need and give them a sense of accomplishment once they complete the course. Learning outcomes should be specific, measurable, and achievable.

To craft an effective set of learning outcomes consider the following:

  1. Identify the knowledge and skills your learner needs upon completion of the course.
  2. Break those down into shorter-term objectives that can be achieved within the course timeline.
  3. Write statements that begin with phrases such as “the learner will be able to…” or “the learner will know how to…”
  4. Make sure each outcome is specific and measurable by including numbers or percentages when possible (e.g., “the learner will understand x concepts at 90% accuracy”).
  5. Structure your learning outcomes in an order that makes sense for a smooth flow throughout your course (i.e., start with simpler concepts and build up to more complex topics).

By creating compelling learning objectives you can ensure that students have clear goals in mind from start to finish, giving them all the information and skills they need to become successful in whatever it is they are trying to achieve with your online course!

6. Determine the most engaging and effective delivery methods for each lesson

When it comes to creating a best-selling online course, the most important factor is engaging your audience!

To do this, you want to choose the most effective delivery methods for each lesson.

For instance, if you are teaching software development, a video demonstration may be more effective at conveying key concepts than a written lecture.

If you are teaching creative writing, a quick brainstorming exercise may be better suited than an analytical essay assignment. Consider what will best get your students thinking and learning, then incorporate those elements into your course.

At the same time, consider different approaches to make sure your course can accommodate any type of learner.

For instance, if you plan to include videos in your course content, also provide written explanations of the same concepts so that students who prefer reading can access them easily and efficiently.

Additionally, supplement each lesson with activities or assignments where applicable so that students have the opportunity to practice what they learn in class, and don’t forget to add discussion questions to encourage further exploration and debate!

7. Create a Unique and Well-Structured Course

As an online instructor, you have the power to create a course that stands out from the competition.

While there are many similarities between great courses, it's important that your course is truly unique.

Focus on creating content material that will resonate with your target audience, and organize it in a way that promotes learning and engagement.

Start by creating an outline for your course. This will help you divide your content into smaller, easily digestible parts and tailor it to support objectives such as interaction and assessment.

Structure your topics into manageable chunks with a clear flow of information between them, allowing for easy navigation for users.

Aside from organization, you should also make sure to create content that is not only relevant but also well-rounded in terms of topics.

Incorporate video, audio, and written materials as needed to bring your course alive, and add assessments at regular intervals to keep track of student progress.

Doing so will ensure that you deliver an engaging experience that will contribute to its success!

8. Set Up an Effective Pricing Model

Now it's time to decide how to price your course. Having an effective pricing model is key to creating a best-selling online course.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to set up pricing for your course, including:

  • Tiered pricing: Offer different levels of access with different prices that come with different features and services.
  • Monthly fees: Charge a recurring fee for ongoing access to the course and its updates or new content.
  • Subscription fees: Allow users to subscribe for a certain period of access, such as monthly or yearly subscriptions.
  • One-time fee: Charge a one-time fee for access to the course in its entirety.

Be sure to consider your audience when setting up your pricing model; while some people may be willing to pay more if they're getting something of higher value, others may only be able to afford smaller payments over time.

It's also important to factor in other costs like hosting, software, and more when deciding on an effective price point.

9. Create Effective Promotions to Market Your Course

Now that you have your course material all planned out, you need to start thinking about marketing.

As an online course instructor, it’s up to you to get the word out there and let people know what they can learn from your course.

Here are some tips for effective course promotion:

Use a Variety of Platforms: Don’t limit yourselves to a single platform, you’ll want to spread the word on as many channels as possible!

Social media, email marketing, and online communities like forums and Reddit are all great places to promote your course.

Offer Discounts: Discounts are a great way to draw in potential customers who may be hesitant about buying.

You can offer limited-time discounts or refer-a-friend discounts, anything that will incentivize people to take the plunge and enroll in your course!

Leverage Influencers: Do you have any influencers in your network who could help spread the word?

Having an influencer recommend or even promote your course can do wonders for your sales numbers. If you don’t have any influencers in your network, consider reaching out, you never know unless you try!

Promoting your online course is crucial if you want to make it a success! Make sure you put effort into reaching potential students through different channels.

With effective promotions, you should be able to generate plenty of interest in whatever topic it is that you teach!

10. Create a Loyal Community Around Your Course

Creating a loyal following of fans around your course is key to creating a best-selling online course.

This means more than just getting people to purchase the course, you want them to invest in it and become passionate advocates.

Create a forum around your course

Creating an online forum related to your course is another way to connect with people who have purchased it, as well as those who may be considering doing so.

Here they can share ideas, ask questions, get feedback from fellow users, provide input on new features or content for the course, and more - all under one roof!

Engage with Your Followers

Make sure you are regularly engaging with your followers on all your social media accounts. Ask questions, respond to comments and messages in a timely manner, and show that you’re actively listening to their feedback.

This will help to create deeper relationships and build trust within your community.

Offer Regular Incentives and Bonuses

You can also offer regular incentives or bonuses like discounts or early access to new content, discounts on products related to the course, and special offers for members of the community.

All of this encourages customers to stay engaged with the course and double down on their investment in it.


Embarking on the journey of creating an online course can be incredibly fulfilling for both educators and learners alike. And, with effective strategies and diligent execution, achieving best-seller status for your online course is well within your grasp.

By implementing the insights shared in this post, you'll have the tools to develop a course that resonates with your audience and sparks excitement for enrollment.

Ensure you prioritize quality content and leverage cutting-edge technology to maximize the impact of your online course. It's essential to establish realistic goals and maintain consistency in your delivery.

Remember, success in crafting a best-selling online course requires both knowledge and dedication, and with the right approach, you can transform your vision into a thriving reality.

Ultimately, the value, relevance, and engagement of your content will keep your students returning for more.

In addition to these ten secrets, consider hosting your online course on a dependable and cost-effective platform

One such platform is OnlineCourseHost.

With Onlinecoursehost.com, you have everything you need to create and sell your online course. The platform comes with powerful marketing features like email marketing and Facebook Ad integration.

You can also collect emails on autopilot directly on your course website and send bulk newsletters to your students.

Overall, the platform is user-friendly both to course creators and students.

Now that you know how to create an online course for beginners, it's time to start your course creation journey, and if you need more information to grow your online course business successfully, you should check out the Course Creator Academy.

You will find everything you need to become a successful online course creator all in one place for free.

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Thanks for reading… and enjoy the course creation process! 😉

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